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An apology

Monday, September 29th, 2008

First, I need to apologise for the bad pun that graces today’s cartoon. Waddya mean, you don’t get it? Am I the only one with a thesaurus around here?

Second, you’ll notice we dropped the banner from the top of the page. Part of our drive to ultimately become an ad-free webcomic! As soon as this thing is self-sufficient you will enjoy pure 100% HITC without the fluff. Until then, we just have to suck up those AdWords.

Last, but very much not least (well, from our egos’ point of view anyway) we got a really nice mini-review from the Fleen Team (find the blog here at so thank you very much folks!

Twiggles upside your head

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Cobbe is so lucky to have a friend like Twiggles on hand to save the day. I just hope it doesn’t go to his head.

We’re starting to see a lot of links into the site by now, so thank you to you folks who are flying the HITC flag out there, and coming back to us as regular readers.

Coming soon: competition time! Win HITC loot!

We’re two months old

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Today marks our eighth week for Head in the Clouds, and so far I must say I’m having a lot of fun with the site (mainly because all I have to do is write a bit and do some uploading) and it’s really satisfying to see Twiggles and Cobbe’s characters developing, largely thanks to Nick’s marvellous artwork. If you saw my original scratchy drawings that he has to work from you’d wonder how on Earth he puts up with it.

You will be glad(!) to know that we have plenty more in store for Twiggles and Cobbe - some longer story arcs and maybe even some “Sunday-size” strips.

We’re creeping up in the rankings on some of the comic sites, so a big thank you to all of you who click those buttons on the left, and an extra big thank you to all of you who have given us such great feedback here or on the forums.

No, Thank *You*

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Thank you to everyone for kind words and nominations for the WCRCA over at Voting takes place in October so no doubt Twiggles and Cobbe will mobilise the full power of their election campaign at that time.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

I put a custom version of “Twiggles Wants YOU” into our E-card section, since he makes a great invitation card. Just add your own custom text on the bottom and blast him out to all your friends and family.