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How (why!) do they do it?

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

A week or two back, one of our regulars asked how Nick and I “work” together at creating Head in the Clouds.

It’s actually a pretty simple process. I have a long list of ideas which I believe will work for the strip, to which I add whenever the muse strikes (she’s pretty casual). This gives me enough material to have quite a few strips drawn out in advance. Every few weeks I just scratch out several onto scrap paper to see if they look ok. These get scanned and uploaded to Nick for his perusal.

I think this is useful, since obviously not all of the ideas are any good, or even slightly funny, so it gives Nick a chance to pick and choose ones that he hopefully also thinks work for the strip before he sits down and starts drawing “for real.”

Here’s an example of the sort of thing that I send over for him to work from. How he turns this into the finished article I’ll never know:


Storyboard for strip dated 29th January 2009 - click the image to see it full-size

Once Nick’s picked ones he can bear to draw, he usually does two or three at a time, and often a couple of variants for each - minor changes to the image itself, or to the dialogue if it seems a bit clunky. This is usually a few days before they’re due to be uploaded to the site.

At this point we have short discussion on any changes required, although actually I’m usually so pleased with what he’s done that it’s simply ready to go in my opinion.

Right now I’ve about another 50 or so storyboards in the pipeline, and I’m trying to maintain that sort of level to maximise the chances of actually stumbling across an amusing one ;)