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Competition Time!

Monday, October 5th, 2009

A few days back, a certain long-time reader, software guru and all-round nice guy (you know who you are, mr mouser) made a brilliant suggestion. Well, two in fact, and I’m going to take both on-board as follows:

Suggestion One: Competition! Do you have an idea for a Head in the Clouds strip? It can be as specific or as nebulous as you like. Maybe you have already thought of a complete strip and would simply like to have it drawn up, or perhaps there’s a scene or situation you’d like to see Twiggles and Cobbe placed in.

Send in your ideas and over the next few weeks I’ll pick out some winners, and hopefully draw them well enough to bring your ideas to life.

Winners will receive their strip on a T-shirt or mug or something similar: I’ll see what can be arranged…

… Hence Suggestion Two: Leading on from that, I’ll set up a CafePress account so that you can get your favourite Head in the Clouds strips printed on all sorts of loot. Look out for an announcement shortly which will tell you how to make the magic happen.