Did you know that Twiggles wrote a game for DonationCoder’s NANY Competition?

If you’d like to try it out, you can play it free from here.


  1. kwacky1

    I got so excited, I thought there must’ve been a new version, but then reality came home.

    Twigatelle rocks!

  2. admin

    Reality hit home - it’s the same crappy old one! ;)

    Well, there is a new level…

  3. admin

    … but thank you for the ‘rocks’ comment! Much appreciated.

  4. kwacky1

    It’s not crappy, it’s… bespoke! :)

  5. kwacky1

    Just played Level 18, great work, 17’s still my favourite!

    But I do have to report that I got the infinite assassin bug again, ball duo followed by assassin, first ball times out, second ball doesn’t.

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