Round, Floppy

Twiggles is happy


  1. Deozaan

    I don’t get it.

    Also, there appears to be a second image, but it’s broken.

  2. admin

    Ah, it’s a response to a comment here:

  3. Snateraar

    Hey look, I got an image reply :P

    Tell Twiggles that Wordpress removed the word cute by accident.

  4. Snateraar

    I’m still surprised Cobbe can fly with those tiny triangular wings though ;)

  5. tns

    Too late, snate - he’s all huffy by now ;)

  6. SamGoody

    Is tns and admin one and the same? Is tns the “real” twigs and “admin” the model for cobbe?

  7. tns

    Yes, tns=admin. I would not like to say whether I’m more Twiggley or Cobbey. Depends on how much sleep I’ve had ;)

  8. SamGoody

    It happens to be that short triangle wings are the best for fast flights… Have you never read Jonathan Livingston Seagull?

  9. Flu-Bird

    Reminds me of the old cereal ads CHRUCHY WHEAT,NICELY SWEET

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