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Smashing through the 700k barrier!

Friday, November 4th, 2011

I was commenting earlier this week to thank readers for promoting the site. In the last couple of weeks, HITC has steadily climbed the site rankings from a flabby low of 1.4 million. We’re now in the top 700,000 worldwide (I know, I know, big whoop) but it makes Twiggles and Cobbe feel better.

We’re very popular in Canada (13,313th) and also Israel (I put this down to being an Infected Mushroom fan). Close behind are the Netherlands and Germany (and I can guess who to thank for these two: snaterar and Tom, I reckon!)

I’d also like lift my eyebrows in greeting to our one reader in French Polynesia: ia ora na!

Big thank you to one and all in our 40th month of terrible writing, shaky drawing and painful punchlines :)