Happy New Year

Twiggles and Cobbe are back in action, kicking 2012 into submission with what I hope is the worst pun of the year. But probably not.

In case anyone was wondering, Twiggles and Cobbe spent their holidays in New Zealand with Twiggle’s uncle Wal. As you can see, Christmas is a casual affair:

Uncle Wal


  1. Flu-Bird

    New Zealand is the home of the KIWI the flightless bird with the long beak and as cute as they come did COBBIE and TWIGGLES meet any kiwis?

  2. tns

    Just a couple of kiwis - but it was rather dark so basically they just look like little balls of feathers tip-toeing around :)

  3. Spurwing Plover

    From that cartoon series THE GOODFEATHERS he looks like THE GODPIGEON

  4. tns


    I must say, I’d never seen such a fat pigeon before.

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