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Bearing Up
title: Bearing Up
comic posted: September 7th, 2012
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Happy New Year

Twiggles and Cobbe are back in action, kicking 2012 into submission with what I hope is the worst pun of the year. But probably not.

In case anyone was wondering, Twiggles and Cobbe spent their holidays in New Zealand with Twiggle’s uncle Wal. As you can see, Christmas is a casual affair:

Uncle Wal

Smashing through the 700k barrier!

I was commenting earlier this week to thank readers for promoting the site. In the last couple of weeks, HITC has steadily climbed the site rankings from a flabby low of 1.4 million. We’re now in the top 700,000 worldwide (I know, I know, big whoop) but it makes Twiggles and Cobbe feel better.

We’re very popular in Canada (13,313th) and also Israel (I put this down to being an Infected Mushroom fan). Close behind are the Netherlands and Germany (and I can guess who to thank for these two: snaterar and Tom, I reckon!)

I’d also like lift my eyebrows in greeting to our one reader in French Polynesia: ia ora na!

Big thank you to one and all in our 40th month of terrible writing, shaky drawing and painful punchlines :)

We’re Three!

Head in the Clouds is three years old this week.

Thank you all very much for your continued support, kind comments and emails.  I appreciate every single one and Twiggles and Cobbe remain inspired to continue their adventures thanks to you all.

Been a little bit busy recently, but I’m catching up now so thanks for bearing with me. “Normal service” is slowly resuming.

Round, Floppy

Twiggles is happy

Greetings from Twiggles and Cobbe

I hope you all have a warm, safe, wonderful holiday.

The boys are taking a few days off to head over to see their nestlings, knock back a few egg-free-nogs and spin tall stories to each other.

Normal service will be resumed in early January.


Did you know that Twiggles wrote a game for DonationCoder’s NANY Competition?

If you’d like to try it out, you can play it free from here.

We broke the 1,000,000 barrier

No, not readers. I wish ;)

Our site ranking is now 992,335.

It’s official…

HITC is now the 1,399,585th most popular site on the web.

It looked more impressive at first glance…

Flock Around the Clock

Happy Birthday

Yes folks, it’s true - Head in the Clouds is two years old this week. A free gift of champagne to all our regular readers out there*

Hard to believe it’s been two years since the first strip was launched on an unsuspecting world. In fact I have a feeling most of the world is still completely unsuspecting. Ah, those lucky people.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Twiggles, Cobbe and the gang, and thank you all for your comments, support, contributions, banter, donations, ideas, advice, etc etc! One day I’ll surprise you all with a strip both artistic AND humorous. Stand by. Well, you may want to sit comfortably, it could be a long wait.

* IF you live in the parallel world where HITC is both humorous and beautifully illustrated.