The cast list…

Twiggles (the fat perfectly-proportioned one) considers himself to be quite the intellectual, and naturally dresses the part with his super-smart tie.

Of course all his friends know better but what he lacks in brains he makes up for in sheer exuberance and love of life. Every day is a new little adventure.

Twiggles is best friends with Cobbe.

Cobbe (the tall one) is Twiggles’ inseparable buddy. Patient, long-suffering and long-necked, he is nevertheless not above having a little fun at his friend Twiggles’ expense.

Cobbe’s origins are something of a mystery, but we know his parents must have been distant relatives of the swan. Despite his huge neck putting his head high in the clouds, Cobbe’s feet are usually firmly on the ground.

Please note that we’re pretty sure Twiggles and Cobbe are not chickens.

Salty Bill

Salty Bill (the piratical parrot) is a bird of unknown origins. Originally rescued from the home of a fraudster now doing time for selling hot Ratatouille DVDs, Bill has made his new home with Twiggles and Cobbe. Unfortunately his old home has still left its mark and Bill is always looking for new angles to exploit.

The Creators…

Head in the Clouds is written by Tim and drawn by Nick.

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Head in the Clouds uses WordPress with a modified ComicPress theme.

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